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Dear Student Advisers and Leaders,

My name is Adam LoDolce. I’m a dating coach and I drink alcohol because it’s relaxing and, well, fun.

Here’s the thing though, when I’m coaching and going out with my clients to teach socializing and flirtation techniques, I stay sober.


Because I don’t have to get wasted in order to socialize, flirt, and meet people. Quite frankly, it hurts my ability to create real connections with people—and this is actually the case for most college students.

Our intense social fears cause people (especially most college students) to get wasted every night they go out.

I don’t talk about the “health effects and dangers” of alcohol because that message doesn’t work on college campuses. Students are going to drink. The battle we’re fighting is the consistent binge drinking on campuses.

My program is one of the only programs in the nation that actually combats this problem in a real pragmatic way.

If you want to bring a college speaker to your campus to instill the belief that in order to attract the highest quality people into their life, students need to understand the fundamental skills of socializing and flirtation, then I am your guy.

I’ll make a true, lasting, measurable, and REAL impact on your college campus. I don’t just say, “Don’t DRINK!” I give them a better alternative to getting wasted every night. And that alternative is…meeting the guy or gal of your dreams.

I look forward to coming to your campus to help change more lives with you.

Your Friend,

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About Adam

Adam LoDolce is an MTV Made Dating Coach and has spoken to tens of thousands of college students across the country on dating, confidence, and alcohol awareness. Adam is also the author of Being Alone Sucks! a dating self-help book that has soared into the Top 100 list of best-selling Love and Romance books on Drawing on both personal experience and tried-and-true research, Adam provides students with a relatable, inspirational, and entertaining keynote speech that they will never forget. He has been featured in Glamour magazine,, and ABC as one of the leading authorities on socializing and dating.

Adam’s speaking engagements frequently draw hundreds of students for “optional” college student programming. And for mandatory programming, students are always insanely surprised at the entertaining yet impactful message Adam provides.

As a younger dating coach who actually gets paid (yes, he gets paid) to go out and socialize with his male and female clients, Adam instantly gains credibility from the audience.

Do you want the WOW factor? Bring in Adam to create the lasting change you’re seeking. Whether you want your students to stop drinking so much, or just start creating the lasting relationships they deserve, then Adam’s your speaker.

What are the students saying?

Compilation student video from 10 schools


Now you’re probably wondering, what do Adam’s programs consist of?

Descriptions of Adam’s most popular programs are outlined below. Along with coming to your school and providing his highly entertaining program, Adam provides the event planner(s) with some value-added tools they need to really promote the event (this is why Adam’s events are always packed).

  • Custom YouTube Video ($400 Value): Adam creates a personalized YouTube video two weeks before the event for you to promote to the students.
  • 20 Free Signed Copies of his Being Alone Sucks! book ($200 Value): For the first 20 students to arrive at the event.
  • Post Event Dating Coach Sessions ($1,000 Value): Adam will stay at the event until the last audience member leaves, providing mini dating coaching sessions for students.

The three value-added items above are included for FREE when you book Adam. For Adam’s fee and schedule, please contact him here.


Be the Life of the Party…ALCOHOL FREE!Adam LoDolce Dating Speaker - College Alcohol Speaker

Why do college students go out and get wasted every night? Because alcohol is considered the acceptable, sure-fire way to become socially outgoing, accepted, and accountability-free. Imagine if students learned the truth: that in order to meet the highest quality people (both romantically and platonically) they need to learn to connect with people without the booze. Adam’s Be the Life of the Party…ALCOHOL FREE program teaches students how to avoid the “pregame party necessity,” build up their social value, and hold effective conversations—without being drunk. Audiences learn directly from one of America’s top dating coaches how to be the most popular person at any party…sober!

This program is designed for alcohol awareness events specifically. However, Adam is one of the only alcohol speakers in the country that can draw a crowd—just be sure not to include the “Alcohol Free” in the programming of the event.

Sexy Confidence

LoDolce’s revolutionary program is designed to provide students with the confidence to leave unhealthy relationships and/or seek new fulfilling relationships. As one of the nation’s leading dating coaches, Adam reinforces a critical message that confidence IS sexy! Adam has been featured on MTV, Glamour, Men’s Health, Cosmo and many more as the leading dating confidence coach because of his unique approach to succeeding in today’s dating scene. Both men and women (of all sexual orientations) will learn the specific techniques on how to love their mind, their body and how to exude confidence in any social situation to attract the right type of person into their lives.

This program is designed and positioned to be an “optional” on-campus event for students. Adam can still add an alcohol component to the program if desired.

Adam has spoken to tens of thousands of students across the nation

For References, please contact Adam.
*Adam’s speaking engagements are very supportive of the LGBT community.
Want to meet Adam? Check out his About Adam page
Adam is a proud Member of the following organizations as well as of Alpha Gamma Pi Fraternity


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