How I Became a Professional Dating Coach

My good friend Bill Connolly recently launched a book called Funny Business: Build Your Soft Skills Through Comedy and I was a featured case study in the book. I’ve had a number of people do “write ups” on my own personal story, but Bill really seemed to nail it.

If you want to become a dating coach, professional speaker, or really just pursue your great passion, I’d love for you to be able to learn from both my successes and failures.


Case Study: Adam LoDolce. Written by Bill Connolly 

I met Adam back when I was in college. He

Alcohol college speaker reviews from University of Texas

speaker on alcohol at university of texasAs a college speaker on socializing, dating and alcohol, I had the opportunity to speak to the entire Greek life student base at the University of Texas, Arlington. To say the least, it was a lively crowd and they really connected with my viewpoint on curbing alcohol abuse for college students.

My message? The human drive for intimacy is the root cause of alcohol abuse in college. If students knew how to socialize, flirt and hook up without using alcohol as a crutch, do you think they would get black out wasted every night?
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Why MANY College Alcohol Awareness Speakers Fail

college speaker on alcoholI never in my life thought that I might be a college speaker on alcohol. When I was in college, I was quite frankly the exact opposite of any kind of “role model” when it came to alcohol abuse. When I was in college, I would listen to a speaker telling you “not to drink” and I would be simply laughing my way out of the seminar to “party” my little tush off all night.

So I as I started touring college campuses a speaker I would think back to my college days and wonder why did I feel the

Alcohol Abuse in College: How do most college students get socially outgoing?

College DrinkingHere’s the usual breakdown of achieving what might be considered “social outgoing” for many college students:

8:00 PM: Grab the first beer or cocktail from the fridge.

9:30 PM: The “Pregame” begins! Beer pong, beer funnels, card games. Whatever the competition is, someone the loser (or the winner) ends up drinking. Social Confidence here we come!

11:00 PM: The actual party gets cranking. At this point, everyone is “feeling warm” and comfortable enough to approach mostly anyone in the party. People are dancing and finding their hookup for the night.

1:30 PM: Ripping late night shots until blackout, makeout,