Rave Coaching Reviews For Men

“ Watching Adam LoDolce approach a woman in the park is like watching David Ortiz step into the batter’s box ”


I have been working with Adam over the past few months and my entire dating mindset has totally transformed. I’ve been meeting a ton of girls that I would’ve thought were out of my league. He’s shown me the light – that I AM worthy of the quality girls out there. I’m now starting to get serious with a girl I met last month at the Whole Foods. This is so ridiculous, in an amazing way.
Justin, Boston, MA
Before meeting Adam, I’d never had a girlfriend. Now I’m dating the love of my life. Enough said.
Alex, East Village, New York, NY
Adam lightly (yet firmly) pushed me to approach a gorgeous girl in the park. His openers, body language techniques and social warm-ups made it possible for her to react positively and give me her number. Adam, YOU ARE THE MAN!”
Anthony, Easton, MA
I had no freaking clue that any of this information existed when it came to meeting women. Adam’s experience speaks for itself and he clearly knows whatsup. He demonstrated and showed me the path toward social fulfillment.
Mark, Nashua, NH
Adam’s program allowed me to feel totally prepared before even showing up to work with him. Since I “knew” what to do, all Adam had to do was point me in the right direction. I kissed a girl tonight at the bar…well, actually she kissed me. It was bad ass.
Adam, Los Angeles, CA
For most of my life I’ve been considered more of a “nice” guy and girls were usually only interested in being my friend – AKA friend zoned for life. Adam taught me the importance of being a polarizing personality and how to build a strong emotional response from women so that you never fall into the friend zone again. It worked – women either hate me or love me…most of them are loving me. It’s awesome.
Austin, Philadelphia, PA
I was flirting, approaching, and getting phone numbers all night. Before tonight, I’d never even stepped foot in a singles bar. I can’t believe how quickly I saw results. I recommend him to any guy that needs a kick in the ass.
Bryan, Reading, MA

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