How I Became a Professional Dating Coach

My good friend Bill Connolly recently launched a book called Funny Business: Build Your Soft Skills Through Comedy and I was a featured case study in the book. I’ve had a number of people do “write ups” on my own personal story, but Bill really seemed to nail it.

If you want to become a dating coach, professional speaker, or really just pursue your great passion, I’d love for you to be able to learn from both my successes and failures.


Case Study: Adam LoDolce. Written by Bill Connolly 

I met Adam back when I was in college. He

College students are becoming more bubblified

The very scientific term of “bublification” was created by me as I sat here in this chair in my office.

Bubblification: a step beyond the formation of cliques on a college campus. It’s the creation of isolated social groups who rarely interact with one another.

Now it’s time for Webster Dictionary to accept my proposal to make it an officially recognized term…

I believe Mr. Webster will do this because this is happening on campuses all across the country due to Facebook, texting, emailing, headphones, and Twitter.

Students are less inclined now-a-days to have the casual midday conversation with a

Why college students get blackout drunk

alcohol college speakerBecause they want to find relationships, make new friends, and create stronger bonds with old friends. We’ve all been there—wanting to just go out, let loose, be free and “see what happens.”

This is why the vast majority of alcohol awareness speakers make ZERO impact on a college campus. They’re not providing students with an alternative to drinking. And I don’t mean an alternative as in other “things to do,” I mean an alternative to creating the social connections that they believe are only possible when they’re wasted, when they have their “liquid courage” to help them.

Scaring a student

College Dating and Socializing: Are you dating technology?

We are living, breathing…dating our technology. Technology no longer just supports our social life; it is the very foundation of our social life. Real world interactions only support our social media. Every day people are hopelessly surfing the web spending more and more time trying to fulfill their black hole of an ego with click of a mouse. If a college students want to instantly establish their social standing, they can think up the most original Facebook update and like watching water boil, await the response. Our own self worth is thus based on the response from a piece of

College Speaker Resonates on Campus

Contrary to common belief college students can be incredibly isolated and anti-social. I spoke at the University of Alabama a few weeks ago and the message of social confidence and dating confidence really seemed to resonate on campus. This article outlines the difficulties many students face and it talks about my dating speaker program on college campuses. Check out the article here.

As a college speaker on dating and social confidence I believe it’s critical to empower students to learn how to meet one another.


Setting relationship expectations

Recently I stumbled across my grandpa’s love letters to my grandma. Yes, this dude actually sat down on a chair (I bet it was a leather chair), dipped his pen in some ink and would write this woman love letters almost every day. Back in the day there was courtship then marriage then sex. Straightforward, no grey area.
Now that sex is a lot more open and women can acceptably (certainly in my opinion) have sex with multiple partners prior to marriage, there have been an expansion of categories of relationships. Here are the four key categories:

1. Booty Call:

Alcohol college speaker reviews from University of Texas

speaker on alcohol at university of texasAs a college speaker on socializing, dating and alcohol, I had the opportunity to speak to the entire Greek life student base at the University of Texas, Arlington. To say the least, it was a lively crowd and they really connected with my viewpoint on curbing alcohol abuse for college students.

My message? The human drive for intimacy is the root cause of alcohol abuse in college. If students knew how to socialize, flirt and hook up without using alcohol as a crutch, do you think they would get black out wasted every night?
Play the recording to hear feedback

Why MANY College Alcohol Awareness Speakers Fail

college speaker on alcoholI never in my life thought that I might be a college speaker on alcohol. When I was in college, I was quite frankly the exact opposite of any kind of “role model” when it came to alcohol abuse. When I was in college, I would listen to a speaker telling you “not to drink” and I would be simply laughing my way out of the seminar to “party” my little tush off all night.

So I as I started touring college campuses a speaker I would think back to my college days and wonder why did I feel the

Best Singles Bars in Boston

Boston Singles BarsI recently did a google search for “Best Singles Bars in Boston” and noticed that JP Licks was one of the first places to pop up. This just didn’t seem right, so I wanted to add my $0.02 to google.

This list is based on my experience as a Boston Dating Coach and going to many singles bars in and around Boston:
1. Liberty Hotel: For those of you who know me well, know that on a Saturday night between the hours of midnight and 2 AM I can be found in the lounge area of the Liberty Hotel.