Why college students get blackout drunk

alcohol college speakerBecause they want to find relationships, make new friends, and create stronger bonds with old friends. We’ve all been there—wanting to just go out, let loose, be free and “see what happens.”

This is why the vast majority of alcohol awareness speakers make ZERO impact on a college campus. They’re not providing students with an alternative to drinking. And I don’t mean an alternative as in other “things to do,” I mean an alternative to creating the social connections that they believe are only possible when they’re wasted, when they have their “liquid courage” to help them.

Scaring a student into knowing that alcohol is dangerous may cause some students to think twice about their actions, but just as soon as they walk out of the presentation or meeting they’re prepping their dorm room for the “pregame.”

My speech, “Be the Life of the Party…ALCOHOL FREE!” has exploded this year, reaching college campuses all across the country for one reason: it actually works.

“Faculty and staff is trying to figure out why students keep introducing themselves to one another.” – Director of Student Activities, Franklin College

Not all students want to get drunk every night they go out—they just don’t know how to have equally meaningful experiences when they go out sober. They don’t know how to be outgoing and overcome their shyness without alcohol.

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Adam LoDolce

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