College students are becoming more bubblified

The very scientific term of “bublification” was created by me as I sat here in this chair in my office.

Bubblification: a step beyond the formation of cliques on a college campus. It’s the creation of isolated social groups who rarely interact with one another.

Now it’s time for Webster Dictionary to accept my proposal to make it an officially recognized term…

I believe Mr. Webster will do this because this is happening on campuses all across the country due to Facebook, texting, emailing, headphones, and Twitter.

Students are less inclined now-a-days to have the casual midday conversation with a new classmate, and more inclined to sit on the iPhone interacting with their current bubble.

Well, I have become the bubble-burster on campus—it’s a messy job, but someone’s gotta do it.

Adam LoDolce

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