College Dating and Socializing: Are you dating technology?

We are living, breathing…dating our technology. Technology no longer just supports our social life; it is the very foundation of our social life. Real world interactions only support our social media. Every day people are hopelessly surfing the web spending more and more time trying to fulfill their black hole of an ego with click of a mouse. If a college students want to instantly establish their social standing, they can think up the most original Facebook update and like watching water boil, await the response. Our own self worth is thus based on the response from a piece of software. No likes? Oh well, no friends. Lots of likes? Well, maybe you do really have a friend or two.

Online dating and social media is the largest paradigm shift that has even taken place in dating in all of human history.
Let’s say John goes out to a party and has absolutely no good conversations with any girls. He goes home alone and depressed. Twenty to 50,000 years ago he would need to step up to the plate and push himself to actually talk to a girl the next time he goes out. He would be forced to gain the confidence to face his fears of rejection. Now days, this same man can go home alone, create a free account on and message away. He doesn’t need to push himself; instead he can sit in his boxers, eat a bag of Doritos and message “real life women” all day long.
Let’s say Jennifer is struggling to meet the right type of guy when she goes out at night. She keeps meeting drunken jerks that only want her for one thing, her body. Instead of forcing herself to start getting more involved on campus, join the right groups and establish the right group of friends to meet the perfect guy, she goes home to her computer to see what types of guys are online.
My message this upcoming semester is completely designed to enable students to build the unstoppable confidence to take the headphones off, log off facebook and start creating true memories in college.
That’s really what it’s all about, right?
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Adam LoDolce

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