Why MANY College Alcohol Awareness Speakers Fail

college speaker on alcoholI never in my life thought that I might be a college speaker on alcohol. When I was in college, I was quite frankly the exact opposite of any kind of “role model” when it came to alcohol abuse. When I was in college, I would listen to a speaker telling you “not to drink” and I would be simply laughing my way out of the seminar to “party” my little tush off all night.

So I as I started touring college campuses a speaker I would think back to my college days and wonder why did I feel the need to get black out drunk every night I went out?
Then it hit me. BAM! Because I thought that this was the ONLY way to meet women. As a guy in college, it is assumed that people can’t “date”/hookup without alcohol in the mix. When I was in college drinking the night away, if I happened to stumble upon a willing girl who was also in the same mentally “state”, then rock on! Unfortunately for me, this was such an insanely unsuccessful strategy because I wasn’t making any genuine connections with the people I was meeting. My message to college students is that if they want to meet the man or woman of their dreams then holding back on the booze and learning some of my dating confidence techniques is the surest way get there.
The human drive for companionship is the root cause for alcohol abuse in college. This is why most college speakers on alcohol are so insanely unsuccessful at making any sort of impact on college drinking. They keep talking about the harms and dangerous effects of boozing, but don’t offer students a real solution to their driving need for social acceptance and relationships.
This is why a dating coach [cough cough] can be so effective at speaking on alcohol on college campuses. I offer them an alternative and a solution. Check out my college speaker page for more information on my college alcohol programs.


Adam LoDolce

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