Best Singles Bars in Boston

Boston Singles BarsI recently did a google search for “Best Singles Bars in Boston” and noticed that JP Licks was one of the first places to pop up. This just didn’t seem right, so I wanted to add my $0.02 to google.

This list is based on my experience as a Boston Dating Coach and going to many singles bars in and around Boston:
1. Liberty Hotel: For those of you who know me well, know that on a Saturday night between the hours of midnight and 2 AM I can be found in the lounge area of the Liberty Hotel. In my opinion this is the most phenomenal place to meet others, the music is low and the lighting is perfect. If you are comfortable approaching people in an open lounge area, this is literally the best place in Boston to meet someone.

Pro: Lots of high quality singles

Con: Expensive and no dancing

2. Dillons  Dillons is in a Back Bay and is known for it’s very relaxed atmosphere and incredible singles scene. It’s much smaller than most of the other places listed here, but this can also be a positive for those who are looking for more of a dive bar feel

Pro: Smaller and more intimate

Con: Loud and can sporadically be very quiet

3. Market If I’m going out for a crazy party night downtown, Market would be my choice. It has four floors, a roof deck, many dance floors and a quieter lounge area (for people like myself).

Pro: This place has it all for any type of night goer

Con: VERY hard to get a cab in this area of town

4. Tavern in the Square: Ah Yes, the ultimate college scene. I couldn’t create this list without mentioning Tavern in the Square in Allston. This is a great place to go if you want to drink PBR’s and dance with college students on the dance floor

Pro: It’s very large

Con: People are usually VERY drunk here by the end of the night. I mean, it is a college town

5. Gypsy Bar: This is a classier club in Boston and can be a great place to meet high quality people. The dance floor is enormous, but also there is a lounge area in the front where you can actually talk to people

Pro: Lounge and dance floor

Con: Expensive cover charge and drinks

6. Royale: If you haven’t been to Royale in Boston, you need to go at least once. It truly is an experience to be remembered. This place is absolutely enormous and for a club, it’s not too loud.

Pro: Size

Con: People there are from all over Massachusetts, rather than just being from Boston.


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Adam LoDolce

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    1. Hi Jim,

      I’d recommend going to or finding groups that organize nights out for seniors 60+. I don’t know of any bars per se that cater specifically to 60+, but there are certainly many singles groups who do.
      Hope this helps!

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